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Tuesday Teaser

This is from “Camping for Three” by Cassidy Browning, part of the Hot Summer Nights anthology that should be out (drum roll, please) later this week! Watch for it on Amazon!


“Okay, you finish this while I run get the surprise for her.” Josh waved toward the pot of beef stroganoff cooking over the small fire in front of the tent they had pitched earlier in the evening.

Danny looked hesitant. “Do you really think it will work this time?”

Josh stared at his long-time friend in concern. Danny had always been the one with the plan, the brains behind their schemes. He was a confident, take-charge kind of guy, which was part of why they got along so well. Josh knew he was a great second in command, as long as someone else made the tough choices and told him just what needed to be done. He and Danny had always made a great team that way. That was why it was frustrating that they couldn’t get Tracy to see that the three of them could work. No matter how much they flirted with her, complimented her, tried to talk to her about dating them, she always turned a deaf ear. The constant rejection over the years had taken its toll on Danny and he’d started believing that Tracy just wasn’t interested in him, or in them. After trying every way Josh could think of to bring them all together, he knew this was his last chance to show both of the people he cared about that they should take their friendship to the next level and all become lovers.

He clapped Danny on the shoulder. “Of course it’ll work. How can it not? We have a nice dinner, a romantic setting and a plan that just can’t fail. Trust me, buddy.” Hoping he sounded more confident than he felt, Josh trotted out of camp on his errand.

He returned fifteen minutes later carrying the bottle of chilled wine that he had just retrieved from the ice-cold stream above the falls. Glancing quickly around, he saw that Danny was dishing the meal onto plates and handing one to Tracy. Josh ducked into the tent before she could see what he was carrying and called out, “Go ahead and start. I’ll be right there with the drinks.”

“Okay,” the other two chorused.

Quickly Josh went to his pack for the plastic wine glasses he had stowed away. Fortunately they had stayed unbroken through the hike. He chuckled as he tucked them under one arm and the wine and corkscrew under the other. Stepping back out of the tent, he sauntered over to where his friends were sitting on logs pulled up around the fire balancing plates on their knees and waiting for him. He handed out the glasses and then popped the cork on the bottle with a flourish. “A little wine, princess?”




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Salt Lake City

So we went to Salt Lake City last weekend for a fetish event.

Yes, I said Salt Lake City. Who knew there were kinky people there? 🙂 Apparently there are, and quite a few of them. And they’re very, very nice.

The leather community in Salt Lake City is amazingly close-knit. I didn’t see any signs at all of division, or cliques, or anything like that. It was a real inspiration and a very well-run event. We had a lot of fun.

We also got to have dinner with our wonderful editor and publisher. It’s always cool to be able to sit and talk about the publishing world and what’s going on with our publisher. Then she actually drove us around Salt Lake City, to see the Temple (can I just say wow?) and the downtown area. It’s a really pretty city, very clean, and must less desert-y than I had expected. It actually reminded me a lot of Colorado Springs. I can see the attraction of living there, although I’m not sure I could deal with so many really religious people.

We didn’t get a good view of the great Salt Lake, which was a little disappointing. We saw a bit of it from the air flying in and out, and that was really interesting. I’m hoping we get to go back next year, when the event will have grown. At least, I’m pretty sure it’ll grow. I hope so, because I’d certainly like to go back!

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Teaser Tuesday

This week’s teaser is from the new short, “More Than Friends,” by Eva Alexander – coming soon in the Naughty Ever After Bedtime Stories – Hot Summer Nights:

His kiss was so full of need and passion as he pressed his lips harder onto hers, forcing her mouth open wider with his tongue as if he wanted to drink her in. Pushing her back gently with one hand cradling her head, the other planted firmly on her lower back. With the weight of his body, they soon found themselves in a ravenous full embrace on the cot. Trey cupped her breast, then methodically started to tug and tweak her nipple. A groan escaped Amy’s lips as she reached for the back of his head and clenched a fistful of his curly and damp hair. She could feel his length stiffen and grow against her thigh. Her pussy ached for his touch, for his cock. She had wanted this for so long; her desire and need for him had taken over.

“Please,” she begged breathlessly.

Letting out a groan of his own, he moved his mouth from her lips to the small of her neck and bit gently. Amy gasped and lifted her head to see Todd standing at the edge of the bed completely naked, tugging his respectably sized cock in long upward strokes and locking his piercing blue eyes on Amy’s. He looked glorious, with beads of water from his hair dripping down his tanned, well-shaped torso.

“Started without me, I see.” Todd’s voice was thick with lust as he continued stroking his cock. A bead of dew formed on the tip of its swollen head.


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We made the Siren bestselling list!!


We finally made a Siren bestselling list!!! It’s only at #25 on Menage and Multiple, but this is a really exciting night for us!! We’ve never made the list before. Doing the happy dance!!!

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New Blog Site…

I will be doing most of my posting from now on at our group blog, Naughty Ever After ( Feel free to come and make comments there and check out our books through Siren Bookstrand as Cassidy Browning! We have two books under that name (“Clifftop Fantasies” and “The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies”) that we’re very proud of, and the third of the series is in our editing process right now, almost ready to be submitted! They are also BDSM and polyamorous, with an MFM focus rather than the FMF of the Keyhole Series.

I personally love the Siren books because they’re set at a BDSM bed-and-breakfast in northern California–kind of my dream life. We’re working hard to develop a good cast of secondary characters to provide some background into the leather lifestyle and some quirky interesting side notes. Meet Daddy Dave and his two pups, Tony and Chuck, sky, who owns the local club (“The Keep”), the hunky Master Karl, and more. Then there are the guests who start arriving–the rock star Daphne Monroe and her overworked manager Finn, Master Decker who has problems of his own, football players Crash and AJ (coming in book 3)… It’s a fun place to hang out!

We’ll be doing a contest within the next couple of weeks to win a free ebook of The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies (book 2), so go follow us on and discover your own personal BDSM retreat! We will be recruiting our own Street Team starting next week. Street Team members (Bondage Bunnies? Maybe?) will receive lots of swag, free books, and even the occasional piece of handmade (by us) chainmail jewelry. Just FYI–we’re going to be EXTREMELY grateful for any marketing help we can get!!

See you at Naughty!

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I am thankful for…

I have a lot of things to be thankful for this year! (Well, I always do, of course, but this has been a very interesting year.) I thought in the spirit of the season I’d just do a short list here.

1. I am VERY thankful for a wonderful Master and partner who keeps me on track, comes up with a large portion of our plots, makes me feel loved and appreciated, and is getting to be a very good marketer!  If our books are successful, it’ll be all Reggie’s fault!

2. I am thankful that we were able to publish three books in 2012. I never in my wildest dreams thought that would ever be possible! I am also grateful to the government for giving me unemployment so I could have the time to write.

3. I am thankful for good friends and the opportunity to get to know new people at every show we go to. Looking forward to the events we have lined up for 2013!!

4. I am thankful for the opportunity to edit Lexi Blake’s books (or at least some of them). They are always so much fun to read. Lexi is a truly talented writer who is one of my biggest heroes. I hope when I grow up I can be just like her (even though she’s younger than me–or maybe especially?)!

5. I am thankful for the fun things we’ve gotten to do this year. RT, the Siren romance convention, Rocklahoma, the cruise, Chihuly Garden, the Red Ball, the many fun fetish events, road trips–I loved it all.

6. I am thankful for low-carb pasta!!! And gluten-free pizza crust. And all the other low-carb and gluten-free products they’re coming out with. It makes life so much easier.

7. I am thankful for many, many other things and people that I don’t have time or space to mention here. My life has certainly gotten interesting over the last few years and I wouldn’t trade it for anything right now.

Here’s hoping everyone has at least a few things to be grateful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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So we just got back from a 7-day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. It was one of those “free, but that’ll be $1000” cruises, but we figured it was probably the only way we’d ever actually do it. So we did it.

We flew into LAX on Saturday and took a shuttle to Long Beach. Long Beach is a pretty cool town. The Queen Mary is there, anchored next to a Russian submarine. Both were interesting to see, although we didn’t tour either. They also had an exhibit about Princess Diana, which we also didn’t attend. Oh, and there was a Halloween thing at the same place, but we didn’t go to that either.

What we did go to was the Pirate Festival over on Rainbow Harbor. It sounded interesting and it was free. And it was near all the pretty ships. I love marinas. Wandering up and down, dreaming of the day I can afford to buy a sailboat and the lessons on how to actually sail it.

So we wandered around the pirate festival (which wasn’t much) and saw the boats and then went back to our hotel, dreaming of the next morning.

The next morning came and we got on the Carnival Splendor and headed to Cabo (we thought). Turns out Hurricane Paul was also visiting Cabo at the time, so we diverted to Puerta Vallarta, although we did catch the edge of it. I think it had been downgraded to a tropical storm by then, but it was still quite interesting. I’d hoped for a little wave action, and it was something to remember, but I would have enjoyed having another sunny day to spend on deck instead. I didn’t really get enough of those.

We spent two days in Puerta Vallarta. Not terribly impressed. They say prices are better there than in Cabo, but the salespeople are so obnoxious it’s worth going elsewhere and paying more. They practically throw a gunny sack over your head and drag you into their stores. We took one of the excursions there, a wild dolphin and snorkeling adventure. The snorkeling was nice but there wasn’t so much of a mention of the possibilities of dolphins. I guess they weren’t in season. Need to learn to time those things better. I’m still trying to figure out how to spot a whale. Five years of trying and I haven’t even gotten close on that. It was too early to see them in California in October, but with my luck when I get to Seattle in November they’ll all have headed south. Grr.

Anyway, Gena went to swim with a dolphin in Puerta Vallarta and she said it was a lot of fun. (No, dolphins in captivity don’t count. I’ve seen dolphins before. I want a whale, damn it!)

Cabo was much, much, much nicer. The town looked beautiful, at least from a distance, (it wasn’t bad up close either) and they have those gorgeous rock formations. We walked around and then thought we were taking a water taxi back to the tender dock to catch a ride back to the Splendor. What it turned out to be (for $10!) was a water tour of the area. We could have ridden around for a couple of hours if we’d had the time. As it was we saw the beaches and the rocks and a few sea lions. It was pretty cool.

As for Carnival, it was mostly good. The dining room had fantastic food and great service. The buffets were less impressive (I saw two raspberries the first day and not a single strawberry the whole trip) but certainly adequate. Their pizza was good, and the ship was pretty much set up so that kids would hang out in one area and adults in another. That was nice. Someone said there were 800 kids on board, but I wouldn’t have guessed that.

So I would definitely do it again. Our room was nice, everything worked, they had a bunch of different pools and hot tubs to choose from, and they left cute little towel-origami animals in our room every night. My main complaint was the lack of strawberries and chocolate. And if I were to do it again I’d choose a cruise with more sunny days at sea rather than more ports.

My goal is to start a romance convention cruise some day. I think a whole cruise ship of romance readers and authors would be a blast. We met some very nice people on our cruise, but a whole shipload of people that you’re pretty sure you’re going to like? Heaven!

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