Becoming sage

Becoming sage was released on April 12, 2011.  Here is the summary:

With a failed marriage behind her, Jill Marten was looking to start  a new chapter in her life. She had no idea that running into her old friend, Jessie, would unlock a whole new world. When she accepts Jessie’s invitation to a party, in order to “try something completely different,” it awakens a need to discover her place in a new community.  Jill begins her journey into submission, bondage, and polyamory, even as she questions everything that she has been taught about love and relationships.  Once she opens the door to a life she never imagined, a peek through the keyhole is no longer enough and she must learn what it means to become sage.

Becoming sage

Kasi Alexander’s debut novel, Becoming sage, is the first installment in The Keyhole Series. An active member of the BDSM community, Kasi brings a true-to-life realism to her writing. The series offers an intimate look into the lives of the men and women who live the BDSM lifestyle.


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