Salt Lake City

22 Aug

So we went to Salt Lake City last weekend for a fetish event.

Yes, I said Salt Lake City. Who knew there were kinky people there? 🙂 Apparently there are, and quite a few of them. And they’re very, very nice.

The leather community in Salt Lake City is amazingly close-knit. I didn’t see any signs at all of division, or cliques, or anything like that. It was a real inspiration and a very well-run event. We had a lot of fun.

We also got to have dinner with our wonderful editor and publisher. It’s always cool to be able to sit and talk about the publishing world and what’s going on with our publisher. Then she actually drove us around Salt Lake City, to see the Temple (can I just say wow?) and the downtown area. It’s a really pretty city, very clean, and must less desert-y than I had expected. It actually reminded me a lot of Colorado Springs. I can see the attraction of living there, although I’m not sure I could deal with so many really religious people.

We didn’t get a good view of the great Salt Lake, which was a little disappointing. We saw a bit of it from the air flying in and out, and that was really interesting. I’m hoping we get to go back next year, when the event will have grown. At least, I’m pretty sure it’ll grow. I hope so, because I’d certainly like to go back!

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