Teaser Tuesday

13 Aug

This week’s teaser is from the new short, “More Than Friends,” by Eva Alexander – coming soon in the Naughty Ever After Bedtime Stories – Hot Summer Nights:

His kiss was so full of need and passion as he pressed his lips harder onto hers, forcing her mouth open wider with his tongue as if he wanted to drink her in. Pushing her back gently with one hand cradling her head, the other planted firmly on her lower back. With the weight of his body, they soon found themselves in a ravenous full embrace on the cot. Trey cupped her breast, then methodically started to tug and tweak her nipple. A groan escaped Amy’s lips as she reached for the back of his head and clenched a fistful of his curly and damp hair. She could feel his length stiffen and grow against her thigh. Her pussy ached for his touch, for his cock. She had wanted this for so long; her desire and need for him had taken over.

“Please,” she begged breathlessly.

Letting out a groan of his own, he moved his mouth from her lips to the small of her neck and bit gently. Amy gasped and lifted her head to see Todd standing at the edge of the bed completely naked, tugging his respectably sized cock in long upward strokes and locking his piercing blue eyes on Amy’s. He looked glorious, with beads of water from his hair dripping down his tanned, well-shaped torso.

“Started without me, I see.” Todd’s voice was thick with lust as he continued stroking his cock. A bead of dew formed on the tip of its swollen head.


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