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23 Nov

I will be doing most of my posting from now on at our group blog, Naughty Ever After ( Feel free to come and make comments there and check out our books through Siren Bookstrand as Cassidy Browning! We have two books under that name (“Clifftop Fantasies” and “The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies”) that we’re very proud of, and the third of the series is in our editing process right now, almost ready to be submitted! They are also BDSM and polyamorous, with an MFM focus rather than the FMF of the Keyhole Series.

I personally love the Siren books because they’re set at a BDSM bed-and-breakfast in northern California–kind of my dream life. We’re working hard to develop a good cast of secondary characters to provide some background into the leather lifestyle and some quirky interesting side notes. Meet Daddy Dave and his two pups, Tony and Chuck, sky, who owns the local club (“The Keep”), the hunky Master Karl, and more. Then there are the guests who start arriving–the rock star Daphne Monroe and her overworked manager Finn, Master Decker who has problems of his own, football players Crash and AJ (coming in book 3)… It’s a fun place to hang out!

We’ll be doing a contest within the next couple of weeks to win a free ebook of The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies (book 2), so go follow us on and discover your own personal BDSM retreat! We will be recruiting our own Street Team starting next week. Street Team members (Bondage Bunnies? Maybe?) will receive lots of swag, free books, and even the occasional piece of handmade (by us) chainmail jewelry. Just FYI–we’re going to be EXTREMELY grateful for any marketing help we can get!!

See you at Naughty!

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